How we work

1. We get to know your property and your goals

Every garden is different. The gradient of the land, aspect, soil condition and terrain. Each has its own challenges and strengths, and these need to be understood in order to get the most from your site.

Perhaps you’re starting from scratch or already have a functioning garden, either way we explore what you want to achieve, your favourite crops and the extent of involvement you can give it. 

Our initial Discovery Consultation will set out a plan of possibilities

2. We plan your personal garden creation

Whether it’s a simple veggie patch or an extensive permaculture system, we create a tailored plan to meet your goals. This will include composting systems, companion planting and fertilizing options to ensure you have the most cost efficient strategies for ongoing maintenance. We want nature to do its work. It may even include bees, composting toilets and seeding sheds … it’s your creation!


Book a Garden Creation Plan to grow your dreams

3. We make it happen

With some focused energy and knowhow, we put your plan into action. This is the fun part! Typically clients work alongside us so we can share everything we know while we work. Gardening is 99% learning by doing! Our experience and local contacts ensure we get the best materials and seedlings for your garden.

For big construction and food garden projects, we also work with landscape gardeners. This collaboration makes sure the right food trees and crops get planted in the right place!

4. We grow the love

Successful gardens take maintenance, and as your garden grows you will have questions. Don’t get frustrated! Our expertise will help solve pest or disease problems and ensure your crops are thriving. We love to get our hands dirty so we will be in there with you tending and nurturing.

Gardens also need new crops for each season. We help you prepare and rotate your plants so that you are reaping produce from your garden in every season. Collecting and striking seeds is a cost efficient way of regenerating your garden supplies.

Our Seasonal Package is designed to ensure your garden flourishes all year round

5. We teach you to fish

A love of gardening is a lifelong venture. There is no end to what we can learn and achieve. Increasingly our clients want to become sustainable and self-reliant. Our aim is to share everything we know, so that you can enjoy a life of successful gardening. We want everyone to enjoy the great taste of good, healthy, chemical free food. To build sustainable food systems that are good for the environment and grow happy, healthy families.

If you Love to Grow… we are here for you!

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