About us

Love to Grow was created by Janene Price who lives in the garden paradise of Byron Bay, NSW.

Janene was lucky to grow up in nature, in the beautiful farming district of Ashburton in NZ. Growing food, living on the land, working with the seasons was something she took for granted. It seemed like the obvious, natural thing to do.

But travelling through other lands and cultures, Janene saw how other people lived, far detached from nature or indeed any aspects of it. Out of touch with how food is grown or even the taste of real food. Like many others, she grew distressed at the growing dependence on large-scale farming systems and ever increasing quantities of pesticides; the impact on people’s health and the environment.

Janene has been on a mission to turn this around. To learn and teach in how to fully embrace nature and live healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

Working on boats she learned about the Australian sea life, plants, the night sky and indigenous ways. She has worked as a landscaper, in nurseries and with aquaponics. Now she brings it all together working with clients to learn how to grow clean and healthy food according to nature’s way.

You and your garden will love growing with Janene!

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